Hi all, this is my first post and I am so excited. I just wanted to share my love for double page layouts.

People on the digiworld tend to forget that, if their pages are never printed, they may just get lost to future generations, left in a CD on the back of a drawer. So if you do intend to print you digipages at some stage, remember that you will have your layouts next to each other, and they might not “go” together if you don’t think ahead.

My favourite way of doing digipages is creating a 24X12 layout. That way you can balance the elements on each side. Here is an example using Dani’s collab with Miriam: Mahalo kit, and her Creative Crops 2: A New Angle:
 Mateus 9 months

However, it looks like most people are not comfortable with the 24X12 format, apart from the fact it is not the best format to share with the digicommunity (they always look a bit small in the galleries), it seems a bigger task to finish them. If that is your case, don’t worry, you can still make your albums “work”. You can create one of your layouts the usual way, and whenever you feel inspired, just use the same supplies to create another page. It doesn’t really have to be the same theme, but it helps if it is something that happened around the same time (so when you print you have no trouble having them in that order).  As an example, here is a layout I did a couple of weeks ago:


 and here is one I did yesterday for this post:

 baby pirate

Because I used Dani’s Under Construction kit on both layouts, they look better side by side:


Makes sense?

I hope I have inspired you to create more double pagers :) If you do, don’t forget to post back here and leave us a link so we can leave you some love. Hope to see you again soon and happy scrapping.

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