Happy Friday! Can you feel it? Love is in the air! I am excited to release my newest kit “Lucky In Love!” Lucky in Love is full of beautiful colors, sweet patterns and adorable illustrations like hot air balloons, arrows and bicycles built for two! This lighthearted kit is perfect for all of your adventures of the heart! Best of all as part of the Valentine’s Sale at JessicaSprague.com its on sale for 25% off thru February 14!

Before I leave, I want so share a fantastic layout and sweet love story from one of our What’s Your Story winners! Thank you everyone who shared your story. Here is Mandy’s story:

My love story is one that I love to remember and think about often. I met the love of my life on my first day of my freshman year at college. I moved across the country by myself and only knew one person at the school. I saw my friend (Jake) in the dorm cafeteria, so I sat down next to him. He introduced me to his roommate (Brandon), and I was smitten. Brandon and I became friends but didn’t say goodbye for whatever reason at the end of the year. He went home to California and I went home to South Carolina. This was way back in the day before email addresses were common, I didn’t know his phone number or even his address, so we had no way of communicating. School started back up for me, but he was going on a two year church mission. So was Jake. I got a letter Jake that fall and it read, “You’re never going to believe this, but guess who is in the dorm room next to me at the Missionary Training Center.” It was Brandon! It was fate! It was meant to be! Brandon and I wrote letters back and forth for two years and when he finished his mission, we went on four dates and decided that we needed to be together forever. We have been happily married for 11 years, and you better believe I still have all those letters we wrote. I will treasure them always.

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